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GoSilent Virtual Server

The world is listening. GoSilent.

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Secure Network Management Made Simple.

If you’re looking to create a true, end-to-end, encrypted link between employees and devices outside of your organization’s walls and the corporate network behind your firewall, GoSilent Server is the solution.

Using the GoSilent Server, enterprises can deliver fast, secure and optimized network access to sensitive corporate data and information. Built with secure, government-certified IPSec VPN software, your server sits in a virtual machine, behind your corporate firewall, and allows completely secure connections with devices outside of it.

Reduce the Burden on IT.

A secure virtual server that can be set up and running in under 10 minutes, GoSilent Server virtually eliminates the need for centralized IT support for configuration and activation.

  • Easy to install
  • Point and click, intuitive administrative graphical user interface (GUI)

Stop Dealing with Constant Maintenance.

Incredibly low overhead for maintenance and support means your team doesn’t need to deal with constant upgrades, updates and patches.

  • Low maintenance and support
  • Simple updates

Top Secret Level Security.

Built on world class encryption to adhere to even National Security standards, GoSilent protects your data to the highest levels.

  • Government-certified IPSec VPN software
  • Enterprise-grade VPN
  • NIAP certified

Made to Fit Your Architecture.

Flexible setup and configuration means that no matter what your current set-up, a GoSilent Virtual Server can be quickly and easily spun up in your environment.

  • Can run in both public or private clouds.
  • Capable of running on a local hypervisor.
  • Network-ready, and operating system, cloud and network agnostic.

Want to see GoSilent Server in action?

Watch a 10 minute video demo of the administration console for GoSilent Virtual Server.


How it Works

GoSilent Server works in conjunction with the GoSilent Cube to create secure connections between external devices and your protected internal network.


GoSilent secures a connection to the enterprise server and creates a Top Secret “IPSec tunnel” inside the enterprise firewall. Users can securely access corporate resources without being exposed to attack over an open WiFi or Internet connection.

The GoSilent Server also secures IoT device communications in the field. Once GoSilent secures a connection to the enterprise server and creates a secure “IPSec tunnel” inside the enterprise firewall, IP-enabled devices can securely retrieve, send and store data behind the corporate firewall.

How GoSilent Works

An Administrator's Dream.



Your IT Administrator will love how easy GoSilent Server is to manage while simultaneously giving them complete visibility and an excellent audit trail.

Your IT team will spend less time managing and maintaining your server. Your users will be able to connect securely with no special training or technical skills required. What IT team wouldn’t love that?

Point and click

Point and click, intuitive administrative graphical user interface (GUI).


Single pane of glass visibility.


Network-ready, and operating system, cloud and network agnostic.

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