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Cyber crime is now considered to be a pandemic, and governments throughout the world are favorite targets of cyber criminals.

U.S. based Attila Security’s GoSilent Platform is a CSfC-approved solution that provides CNSA Top Secret (TS) level security for protecting data. It has plug-and-play functionality for easy set-up. It’s flexible enough to work with any type of IP-enabled device and to layer in with new systems and legacy platforms.

The GoSilent Platform is installed at governments and enterprises across the globe, protecting mission critical intellectual property and data.

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Between 2015 and 2017, the US was the country most affected by targeted attacks.

303 Attacks on the US
133 Attacks on India
87 Attacks on Japan
59 Attacks on Taiwan

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GoSilent can be an important component
of a CMMC Certification Plan.


The security of the US government’s Defense Industrial Base is a significant concern for national security. A security breach at just one supplier or customer is a threat to every member of the supply chain. CMMC is the new cybersecurity framework designed to assess and enhance the cybersecurity posture of all organizations that work with the DoD. 

Position Your Organization For CMMC Compliance with GoSilent

  • Robust security
    • NIAP certified for classified communications
    • CSfC approved (protects both classified and CUI data).
    • FIPS CAVP certified algorithms
  • Readily available, commercial off the shelf (COTS).
  • Affordable, easily scalable.

CMMC Compliance Levels

Level 1: Basic Cyber Hygiene
Level 2: Intermediate Cyber Hygiene
Level 3: Good Cyber Hygiene
Level 4: Proactive
Level 5: Advanced/Progressive

GoSilent is CSfC APPROVED.

CSfC is a component of the NSA’s commercial cybersecurity and assurance strategy. The CSfC designation means that GoSilent has been approved for use in protecting the nation’s most critical information and systems against cyber attacks.


Top Secret Level Security

GoSilent is the first portable product to be given this level of certification.

NIAP Certified

GoSilent delivers a NIAP certified plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public Internet.

double encryption


GoSilent is encrypted. To protect national security, the NSA sets strict criteria for accessing classified networks. Learn more about encryption here.

Capability plus portability

GoSilent meets the NSA Capability Package for mobile access and offers three additional important benefits:

GoSilent utilizes IP obfuscation to enable operatives to keep their actual location hidden.

GoSilent is a CSfC-approved product, and as a commercial product does not have the personal liability associated with COMSEC / Type 1 products.

The GoSilent portable VPN/firewall offers robust encryption protection algorithms and design and uses FIPS CAVP certified algorithms

GoSilent does not have the exorbitant costs normally associated with COMSEC / Type 1 products.

capability military

Flexible Use

In the past, senior level military personnel or government executives required technical teams to set up a secure communications channel. With GoSilent Cube’s plug-and play set-up, secure communications and data transmission are available in minutes without the need for complex reconfigurations. The solution is highly flexible, connecting to smartphones, laptops, tablets or any IoT device. Security can also be extended to a VoIP phones, teleconferencing terminals or video cameras.

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Encryption At The Edge

The NSA Capability Package for mobile access calls for three firewalls, Red (inner tunnel), Gray (middle tunnel) and Black (outer tunnel) and encryption as shown here.


For the highest level of protection, a virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure link with the first of three firewalls – the first sits in the “outer tunnel”, the second sits in the “middle tunnel” and the third in the “inner tunnel”. Before entering the IPSec tunnel, the data is encrypted twice. Encrypted data packets travel from the device through the first firewall. If they are found to meet the security parameters, they are encrypted twice – by the outer VPN and by the inner encryption component. Then, once received, the data packet is decrypted twice – by the inner encryption component and the outer VPN. The outer tunnel or “black network” may be operated by an untrusted third party and connection may be made through public WiFi. Products that meet the CSfC

standards associated with this technology combination of firewall and encryption are certified for protecting NSS data.

GoSilent meets the NSA criteria for mobile access and offers a dedicated, plug-and-play outer VPN and firewall, thereby eliminating the need to download and integrate software for both outer and inner VPNs. GoSilent also integrates seamlessly with any previously installed software such as Microsoft Outlook. The outer tunnel meets IPSec IKEv2 standards with CSNA Suite B encryption. GoSilent’s layered protection enables classified communications anytime and anywhere – even over public WiFi.

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GoSilent is the key to providing Top Secret level security to all edge IP devices

CSfC Case Study

Government agencies and suppliers whose daily operations are dependent on sending and receiving real-time classified information are often hampered by the use of costly, cumbersome stationary encryptor devices. The DoD Agency Mobilizes Communications For Classified Networks case study illustrates one government agency’s quest for a portable, CSfC-approved mobile communications solution.

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