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Transitioning a Team to Securely Work from Home

How ASSETT Seamlessly Transitioned Its Team To Securely Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic With GoSilent

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Client Profile

Small and medium sized engineering and development companies, employing tens to hundreds of employees, are the backbone of American commerce. ASSETT is one such company. Founded in 2001 by key leadership and talent from IBM’s Federal Systems Division, ASSETT provides advanced system design and lifecycle support for Department of Defense and commercial clients, with expertise ranging from patent-level innovation development to the management of large projects.

The Challenge

Quickly securing a remote workforce
during the COVID-19 pandemic

ASSETT has a campus of three buildings, housing 50+ employees. Its customers are spread throughout the United States with concentrations up and down the east coast. The company does considerable work for the government, including supporting the Department of Defense by providing independent verification and validation in the areas of system maintainability, sustainability, and reliability. These projects often entail work that involves secret or highly classified programs requiring secure communications

In 2018, ASSETT was looking for a way to securely connect employees working across its two buildings with the company’s corporate network and its customers. The solution needed to be highly secure to meet the requirements of clients such as DoD, scalable to accommodate fluctuations in the size of the company’s workforce, and portable so it could be used by ASSETT employees while traveling or working at client sites.

Little did they know at the time that the solution they put in place would also need to provide the company with a way to securely connect the bulk of its workforce when the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly demanded they work from home.


  • Providing employees with secure, campus wide and remote network access that meets national security standards
  • Quickly scaling the solution to provide a secure remote work access for ASSETT’s entire team in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensuring the solution was simple enough that even non-technical employees could deploy and maintain it without in-person IT support.

The Secure Remote Work Guide

How to Work from Home Securely for Government Agencies & Contractors During the Coronavirus Outbreak and Beyond.


The Solution

A quick, portable, and easy-to-use remote work security solution that could quickly scale in a time of crisis.

Working closely with the ASSETT team in late 2018, Attila installed GoSilent virtual servers in each of the three buildings on ASSETT’s campus in order to securely connect the company’s buildings, employees and customers up and down the east coast. In addition, the company issued employees 40 Attila GoSilent Cubes (dedicated VPN, firewall and Wi-Fi hotspots) that were each connected to the on-premise GoSilent Servers.

Getting set up with the GoSilent platform was exceedingly simple. A dedicated solutions engineer visited ASSETT’s campus to help its IT team with installation, configuration and onboarding, and Attila co-developed an everyday use guide with ASSETT for its employees.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, ASSETT faced the challenge of ensuring continuity of operations while protecting the health of its employees.

As part of the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, ASSETT had to maintain full operations in support of its DoD contracts and therefore needed to quickly provide its employees with a way to work from home without compromising security.

The goal was to provide employees with a solution that they could configure and maintain without in person support from the company’s IT team, and that would meet stringent national security standards. Fortunately, the GoSilent platform is easily scalable, so solving this challenge was simply a matter of ordering enough additional GoSilent Cubes so that every employee who needed to work from home could do so securely.

ASSETT placed an order for an additional 30 GoSilent Cubes and because the servers were already set up on its campus, employees were able to self-provision the Cubes in minutes, on their own and without the need to install or configure any software, in the comfort of their homes.

The whole process was quick and easy, and Wayne Jakubowski, ASSETT’s CEO, referred to it as a “partnership.”


  • Install two GoSilent Servers on ASSETT’s main campus.
  • Deploy a total of 70 GoSilent Cubes for use by employees in securely connecting to the corporate network from wherever they choose to work.
  • Ability to order more GoSilent Cubes at any time to quickly scale and accommodate any number of teleworkers.

The Results

A quick and seamless transition

The GoSilent Platform allows ASSETT’s employees to securely connect to the company’s corporate network while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as when they travel to customer locations or work from the road. This has enabled ASSETT to continue performing work for its customers, including the US Department of Defense, without missing a beat despite the shutdown.

It has also eliminated the need for ASSETT’s IT team to provide in-person support – something made difficult by COVID-related travel restrictions.


  • Secure network access that meets the cybersecurity requirements mandated by ASSETT’s DoD contracts.
  • Sensitive work on government contracts continued without interruption during the Coronavirus.
  • ASSETT’s employees were able to work from home without missing a beat.

What We Provided

  • GoSilent Server (one for each site)
  • GoSilent Cube (30 + 40)
  • On-site support for initial installation of the servers
  • Everyday Use Guide for employees
  • Dedicated, ongoing account management
“As part of the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, ASSETT has had to maintain full operations in support of our DoD contracts. Your devices have provided necessary security throughout while enabling us to meet our obligations more safely. Thank you for your continued partnership.”