In August 2018, the U.S. government passed a ban on the use of certain Chinese-manufactured surveillance cameras by U.S. government agencies. However, compliance continues to be an issue – 65% of U.S. government agencies have no means of automatically tracking the devices that are operating on their networks.

Illustration of security cameras. The majority of U.S. government agencies are still not in compliance with the ban on the use of certain Chinese-manufactured surveillance cameras.

The Conundrum Of Banned Chinese Security Cameras whitepaper examines the problem in more detail and delivers a recommendation for securing camera data streams.

This whitepaper explores the following topics:

  • Background on the NDAA amendment that enacted the ban on Chinese surveillance cameras.
  • An overview of the surveillance camera global market.
  • Challenges agencies and organizations face in attempting to comply with the ban.
  • Feasible solutions for locking down existing surveillance equipment.

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