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Secure Remote Work Resource Center

Learn more about providing secure remote work solutions for both private sector and government organizations.

Remote Work

The Complete Remote Work Guide for Government

How to Work from Home Securely for Government Agencies & Contractors During the Coronavirus Outbreak and Beyond.


Remote Work Case Studies

Learn about how we've worked with clients to build solutions for secure remote work.


Transitioning a Team to Securely Work from Home

How ASSETT Seamlessly Transitioned Its Team To Securely Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic With GoSilent.

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Securing Mobile Communications For Comms Kits

Attila’s GoSilent provides a low cost, high bandwidth solution to protect data, voice and video communications in comms kits.

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Remote Work Solutions for Government Agencies: Attila GoSilent + VDI

Learn more about how to combine VDI with Attila's GoSilent hardware VPN to provide a secure remote work environment for your government agency.


Common Secure Remote Work FAQs

Below are some common questions we often get about securing remote workers.

How can I secure my team even in the presence of captive portals?

Captive portals present one of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities for remote workers. Here's how to protect devices and data from the captive vulnerability zone.

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How can I secure my team remotely in the face of COVID-19?

What does it take to create a secure remote work environment? Attila CEO Gregg Smith answers the most frequently asked questions about remote work security.

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How does a combined VDI & VPN solution work?

Attila CTO Vesh Bhatt explains why a combined VDI and hardware VPN solution is the best solution for providing large scale secure, remote work environments.

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How can I make secure remote work EASY for my users?

In many cases, hardware-based VPNs can provide better security, are easier to use, and require less maintenance than their software-based counterparts.

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