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Go Silent Platform

The world is listening. GoSilent.


Secure Your Organization

Security solutions designed to protect both from the outside-in and the inside-out.

GoSilent Cube

Secure Your Endpoints

Secure any user or device simply by connecting to a GoSilent cube hardware VPN. Compatible with any IP-enabled device and effective over any connection with zero configuration required.

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GoSilent Server

Secure Your Network

Create a true, end-to-end, encrypted link between employees and devices outside of your organization’s walls and the corporate network behind your firewall.

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GoSilent Global

Secure Your Global Users

Zero touch security across the globe, allows you to scale and innovate without the headaches of trying to secure communications as your users travel the world.

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GoSilent Share

Secure Collaborative File-Sharing

Secure data and information shared internally and with third parties with a secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solution.

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GoSilent Site-to-Site

Secure Multi-Site Networking

A simple, easy to deploy, software-defined solution for completely secure site-to-site connection with a VPN and firewall.

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Mask Group 10-1

How the GoSilent Platform Works

Outfit Your Endpoint Devices

Determine which endpoint devices need to be secured with a GoSilent cube.

Choose Your Deployment Method.

Select the deployment method for connectivity that fits best with your needs and environment.

Add Additional Secure Services

Add secure file sharing or site-to-site connectivity functionality as needed.

Security You Can Trust.

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CSfC Approved

GoSilent delivers a CSfC-certified plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public Internet.

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CNSA Encryption

Built with Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) level encryption, the most secure encryption solution in the marketplace.

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NIAP Certified

Approved by the government for use in National Security Systems to handle classified data for the DoD, the Intelligence community and any DoD contractors or affiliates.

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FIPS Compliant

Approved for use by the federal government departments that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

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As part of the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, ASSETT has had to maintain full operations in support of our DoD contracts. Your devices have provided necessary security throughout while enabling us to meet our obligations more safely."
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