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Securing Surveillance Cameras

When your Security Cameras are sharing to much

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Client Profile

A Fortune-100 enterprise with thousands of retail locations.


This enterprise initiated a multi-year, multi-million dollar video surveillance system upgrade. The end result was significantly better for surveillance capturing and management functionality, but there was a hidden cost – compromised network security. Many retail location camera installation contractors had purchased cameras using the provided video system specifications, without realizing that these cameras often included firmware and chipsets with a weak security posture.

The enterprise found itself under attack by an organized Far East adversary who exploited firmware vulnerabilities in these camera systems and rapidly compromised nearly every camera on the network. Without firmware updates being extracted from the different camera manufacturers and then painstakingly applied to every installed camera, the enterprise would have to consider a complete hardware and installation re-deployment with updated acceptable cameras. Even worse, the new secure cameras had much higher price points, so overall installation cost would be significantly higher!

Those responsible for maintaining the digital security of surveillance systems typically consider three ways of overcoming these challenges:

  1. Prohibiting the use of unclassified network
  2. Issuing devices re-configured to thwart cyber threats; or
  3. Implementing an add-on solution.

Prohibiting the use of unsecured Internet networks impedes workflow and reduces productivity. Issuing new secure devices is cumbersome, difficult to manage, cost prohibitive, and poses interoperability problems. Aftermarket device re configurations, on the other hand, cannot keep up with changing requirements.




The enterprise can mitigate the threats to it’s video infrastructure by implementing an agile, simple and highly secure solution: GoSilent. This multiple-award-winning device has been widely recognized as the most portable and easiest to configure hardware VPN solution for securing network communications to and from remote locations, no matter what IP device is connecting to it.

GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests. It offers protection from cyber attacks, identity theft and malware.

It offers the following key advantages:


High Security

Offers enterprise-grade protection, with top-secret-level encryption and NIAP certification (pending).


Ease of Use

Works instantly with any IP-enabled device, offering “plug-and-play” ease for non-technical users.



Fits in the palm of a hand (2.6 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches; 3 ounces).



Obfuscates IP addresses for all in- and outbound data.



Completely isolates PCs from captive-portal exploits.



Highly cost effective compared to other add-on solutions or device re-configurations.

“GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests.”


We demonstrated that GoSilent could support video requirements, had the network security features needed to lock out the adversary and had low enough power requirements that there was no need to re-run new power cables to all systems.

Today the customer has implemented GoSilent and restored the security of its surveillance camera live streams. No new threats have been introduced, and live streams and other information have ceased making its way to unknown adversaries.

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