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Simplifying IoT Security

Securing legacy IoT systems is easier and more cost-effective than you think.

Securing IoT devices in the field is no walk in the park.

The number of IoT devices has exploded in the last several years, with many organizations looking for opportunities to connect devices across a range of business processes to improve operations, increase opportunities for revenue, or get access to valuable business data.

As organizations dive into connecting these devices, they run into a couple of key problems:

So, how can you find a way to secure hundreds of devices across networks, neither of which can work with modern security software?

Problem #1

In many industries, the devices that collect this data, and the networks they must communicate over, are outdated, past their prime, or downright primitive by today’s standards.

Problem #2

There can be upwards of hundreds or thousands of devices that need connecting, which can be a very costly prospect, and the ROI of connecting them must be significant enough to outweigh the cost.

The GoSilent Platform makes it easy to secure your IoT devices.

Get the highest levels of security, with minimal maintenance and setup, all for a price tag that makes sense.

Technology Agnostic Deployment.

GoSilent can be used with any IP-enabled legacy hardware or network equipment to secure your device communications.

Isolate Devices on the Network.

Apply the principles of microsegmentation by isolating devices on their own network segments.

Establish a Root of Trust.

A hardware-based security solution can actually prevent attacks in the first place and creates a root of trust.

Secure Multiple Devices at Once.

Securely connect between 5-30 devices at a time with a single GoSilent Cube.

Plug-and-Play Deployment.

GoSilent Cube can be set up in just minutes with simple plug-and-play functionality. No technical administrator is required for configuration.

Very Low Maintenance Requirements.

Incredibly low overhead for maintenance and support means your team doesn’t need to deal with constant upgrades, updates and patches.

Security You Can Trust.

Secure enough for National Security, while still simple to use and cost-effective commercially. Our encryption methods are trusted and certified for use by the NSA for classified data, so you can trust GoSilent to keep your communications secure.

Image 12

CSfC Approved

GoSilent delivers a CSfC-certified, plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public internet.

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Image 13

NIAP Certified

Approved by the government for use in National Security Systems to handle classified data for the DoD, the Intelligence community and any DoD contractors or affiliates.

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Image 16

CNSA Encryption

Built with Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite level encryption, the most secure encryption solution in the marketplace.

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Image 15

FIPS Compliant

Approved for use by federal government departments that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

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Securing Surveillance Cameras

When your Security Cameras are sharing to much.

The Problem

A Fortune-100 enterprise with thousands of retail locations found itself under attack by an organized Far East adversary who exploited firmware vulnerabilities in these camera systems and rapidly compromised nearly every camera on the network.

Without firmware updates being extracted from the different camera manufacturers and then painstakingly applied to every installed camera, the enterprise would have to consider a complete hardware and installation re-deployment with updated acceptable cameras.

Even worse, the new secure cameras had much higher price points, so overall installation cost would be significantly higher!

The Solution

The enterprise can mitigate the threats to it’s video infrastructure by implementing an agile, simple and highly secure solution: GoSilent.

GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests. It offers protection from cyber attacks, identity theft and malware.

It offers the following key advantages:

  • High Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability
  • Invisibility
  • Isolation
  • Affordability

Executing an IoT Deployment

GoSilent Server works in conjunction with the GoSilent Cube to create secure connections between IoT-enabled devices and your protected internal network.


The GoSilent Server is ideal for securing IoT devices in the field. Once GoSilent secures a connection to the enterprise server and creates a secure IPSec tunnel inside the enterprise firewall, IP-enabled devices can securely retrieve, send and store data behind the corporate firewall.

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The Complete Guide to IoT Security

Everything you need to know about securing your IoT deployment.