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Hardware VPN Resource Center

Everything you ever wanted to know about hardware VPNs in a single place!


Where are you in your selection process?

Hardware vs. Software

I am still trying to decide whether a hardware or software VPN is right for my needs.

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Hardware VPN Requirements

I'm examining decision factors and determining exactly what I need from a hardware VPN.

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Hardware VPN Selection

I'm comparing different hardware VPN providers to select the right product for my needs.

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Hardware vs. Software for your VPN?

Is a hardware-based VPN a better choice for your needs than a software-based VPN?


Understanding Your Hardware VPN Use Case

How you build your solution or architecture depends on what you are planning to use your hardware VPN to achieve.

Secure Remote Work

If you are looking to build a solution specifically for secure remote work for either a government agency or enterprise organization, visit our secure remote work resource center for architecture ideas.

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IoT Deployments

If you are considering a hardware VPN as part of an IoT security solution, there are quite a few factors that will determine what you can and can't do with your architecture.

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Military or CSfC Communications

If you are building a solution for use in the military or that requires full CSfC certification, visit our CSfC resource center for sample architectures and information.

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Supply Chain Security

If you are looking for a solution to help secure vendors or partners in your supply chain, you'll have an entirely different set of considerations to think about.

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The Ultimate Hardware VPN Buyer's Guide

Which Kind of Hardware VPN is Right for You? Find out!


Hardware VPN Case Studies

Learn about how we've worked with clients to incorporate hardware VPNs into their secure architectures.


Transitioning a Team to Securely Work from Home

How ASSETT Seamlessly Transitioned Its Team To Securely Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic With GoSilent.

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DOD Agency Case Study Thumbnail

DoD Agency Secures its Supply Chain

The Agency sought the most affordable, agile, secure, and high-bandwidth VPN tunneling and network intelligence solution for use at the edge.

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Securing Surveillance Cameras

A Fortune-100 enterprise with thousands of retail locations found themselves with security cameras with a weak security posture.

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enterprise_secures_supplychain_book 2

An Enterprise Secures its Supply Chain

A fortune-100 enterprise seeks a secure solution to maintain security network when sharing data across a vast network of supply-chain partners.

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dod_agency_mobilizes_book 2

DoD Communications For Classified Networks

Attila’s GoSilent implemented as a secure, portable, low cost, high-bandwidth VPN for CSfC communications campus-wide.

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exec_comms_kits_book 2

Securing Mobile Communications For Comms Kits

Attila’s GoSilent provides a low cost, high bandwidth solution to protect data, voice and video communications in comms kits.

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