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Overview: GoSilent Server Software User Interface

Minute Read

The GoSilent Server is a high-grade security solution developed to help enterprises and government entities protect valuable data and communications. It delivers fast, secure and optimized network access to sensitive corporate information by working in conjunction with GoSilent Cube to create a top-secret “IPSec tunnel” inside the enterprise firewall. Users are able to securely retrieve, send and store company resources from external devices inside internal networks without being exposed to attacks over an open WIFI connection. 

In the demo video below, you can receive a close-up look at the GoSilent Server software user interface. You’ll see how the virtual server is set up and can be deployed in your environment within a few hours. We believe security doesn't have to be at odds with usability. Our user-friendly interface makes it very easy to keep track of settings and ensure correct protection. Other benefits of GoSilent Server:

  • Up and running in under 10 minutes
  • Point and click, intuitive administrative graphical user interface
  • Low overhead for maintenance and support
  • Built on world-class encryption 
  • Made to fit your architecture 

Watch the video below to see for yourself how easy GoSilent Server is to manage while simultaneously providing total visibility and an exceptional audit trail.