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Attila Security - Release v20.05.0

Minute Read
  • GoSilent Cube (GSC)
  • GoSilent Server (GSS)
  • Release Date - June 2020
  • About Attila -


This software release contains the first phase of support for mass enrollment of a large number of Cubes, as well as user roles for the Cube.


GoSilent Server (GSC) Improvements

The following improvements were made to the GoSilent Cube (GSC):

  • Ability for an "administrator" to manage user accounts with separate console logins
  • Added the "operator" user role with limited console permissions
  • Setup wizard and console enhancements to support importing enrollment bundles
  • Mac address filtering allows for dashes (hyphens)
  • Minor user interface bug fixes


GoSilent Client (GSS) Improvements:

The following improvements were made to the GoSilent Server (GSS):

  • Official support for Hyper-V server images
  • New command-line utility to generate and sign enrollment bundles
  • Verified and documented ability to load balance on-premise deployments
  • Load tested the Dell R340 server
  • Minor user interface bug fixes


Known Limitations

  • Wi-Fi cannot connect to an Apple iPhone or iPad hotspot with an apostrophe in the SSID. Work around: Change the name of your iPhone or iPad to a name that only has alphanumeric characters. Instructions can be found here:
  • LAN Wi-Fi range should be limited to a radius of 10-15 feet (size of hotel room)


Server Known Issues

  • CS181: Restoring from a previous server backup may inadvertently disable the file system check. Workaround: After the restore completes, disable and then re-enable the file system check in the system settings.
  • HC339: Edge browser only. After modifying the server WAN settings and rebooting, the IPv4/IPv6 radio buttons are not properly selected. Workaround: A hard refresh of the browser will properly display the radio buttons.



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