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An Enterprise Secures its Supply Chain

A fortune-100 enterprise seeks a secure solution to maintain security network when sharing data across a vast network of supply-chain partners.

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Client Profile

A Fortune-100 enterprise with a vast network of supply-chain partners located at various points around the globe.


Large enterprises rely on vast, smoothly functioning supply chains—featuring upstream and downstream partners who may themselves work with second- or third-tier partners—in order to get
their goods or services to customers. Demands are now also growing for these supply chains to be more dynamic and responsive to customer needs. All of this requires a lot of data sharing—more than 50 times as much data is exchanged across supply chains now versus just five years ago.


These information flows must be actively secured in order to safeguard against threats such as data breaches, data manipulation, denial of service, and viruses. The consequences of successful attacks can be far reaching and long lasting, ranging from damaged reputations to unsafe products, compromised customer privacy, unmet regulations, and stolen intellectual property. The costs can easily mount into the millions of dollars.

However, securing data in scenarios that involve third parties and remote access poses additional challenges. Enterprises cannot control their partners’ equipment and have to rely on them to adhere to established security policies. Unfortunately, most suppliers do not have the personnel or robust security systems needed to thwart sophisticated attacks, especially when their staff are working remotely and sending information through the Internet via untrusted connections, such as public WiFi or foreign telecom networks.

Because of these additional complexities, 80 percent of all reported cyber breaches come through the supply chain.


Those responsible for maintaining the digital security of supply chains typically consider three ways of overcoming these challenges:

  1. Prohibiting the use of unclassified network communications;
  2. Issuing devices re-configured to thwart cyber threats; or
  3. Implementing an add-on solution.

Prohibiting the use of unsecured Internet networks impedes workflow and reduces productivity. Issuing new secure devices is cumbersome, difficult to manage, cost prohibitive, and poses interoperability problems. Aftermarket device re-configurations, on the other hand, cannot keep up with changing requirements.




The enterprise can mitigate the threats along its supply chain by requiring its partners to implement an agile, simple and highly secure solution: GoSilent. This multiple-award-winning device has been widely recognized as the most portable and easiest-toconfigure hardware VPN solution for securing network communications to and from remote locations.

GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests. It offers protection from cyber attacks, identity theft and malware.

It offers the following key advantages:


High Security

Offers enterprise-grade protection, with top-secret-level encryption and NIAP certification (pending).

Cloud Security icon_v2

Cloud Security

Deployable via public/private cloud or on premises.


Ease of Use

Works instantly with any IP-enabled device, offering “plug-and-play” ease for non-technical users.



Fits in the palm of a hand (2.6 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches; 3 ounces).



Obfuscates IP addresses for all in- and outbound data.



Completely isolates PCs from captive-portal exploits.



Highly cost effective compared to other add-on solutions or device re-configurations.

“GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests.”


As supply chain attacks become more aggressive and sophisticated, enterprises require solutions that can be layered in quickly, work well behind the scenes, and offer the highest level of security.

By deploying the GoSilent solution across its supply chain, the enterprise seamlessly upgrades its entire network-security footprint without compromising its daily business operations. It accomplishes this without requiring partners to update their legacy equipment technology expertise. Thanks to GoSilent, the enterprise now has an agile and robust response to cyber risks and can remain confident in the security of its global supply chain.

Notes & Diagrams

GoSilent Supply Chain Architecture