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CSfC Resource Center

Learn more about building an NSA CSfC solution, explore resources for more information about CSfC, and find answers to common CSfC questions.

Attila's CSfC Certification
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The Complete CSfC Guide

This guide is built to help individuals looking to build a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) approved solution. It provides guidance on how to use the resources available, navigate the CSfC process, and what to expect from CSfC component vendors.


An Introduction to the CSfC Capability Packages (CPs)

CSfC Mobile Access CP

This package was developed to address mobile and on-the-move requirements, allowing remote devices to securely connect back to a centralized network.

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CSfC Data at Rest CP

This package is meant to help those looking to implement a solution that will protect classified data stored on end-user devices.

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CSfC Multi-Site Connectivity CP

This package typically applies to organizations that handle classified data and need to securely connect remote branches or permanent field offices together.

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CSfC Wireless LAN CP

This package typically applies to organizations that handle classified data and are working to build out a campus-wide solution for Wi-Fi connectivity.

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CSfC Case Studies

Learn about how we've worked with clients to build CSfC Approved deployments for the Mobile Access Capability Package (MACP).


CSfC Mobile Access Capability Package Architecture Examples

Are you considering building a CSfC Mobile Access solution, but not sure where to start? Browse through some of our architecture examples for ideas or starting points for your own solution.

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dod_agency_mobilizes_book 2

DoD Communications For Classified Networks

Attila’s GoSilent implemented as a secure, portable, low cost, high-bandwidth VPN for CSfC communications campus-wide.

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exec_comms_kits_book 2

Securing Mobile Communications For Comms Kits

Attila’s GoSilent provides a low cost, high bandwidth solution to protect data, voice and video communications in comms kits.

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Common CSfC FAQs

Below are some common questions we often get about CSfC deployments.

What is a Retransmission Device and when do I need one?

This article will break down what a retransmission device is, when you need it, and alternatives to retransmission devices that still satisfy the CSfC Mobile Access Capability Package.

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How long does it take to get an NSA CSfC solution approved?

There are a number of variables that influence how long it takes to get a CSfC solution approved, and fortunately, many of these are within your control.

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Is NSA Type 1 Encryption or CSfC better for my needs?

Type 1 and CSfC are two designations for cybersecurity products that can be used to protect classified information. Here's the difference, and how to know which is right for you.

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How do I build the outer tunnel for CSfC's required double tunnel VPN?

NSA's CSfC program requires the use of a double tunnel VPN. Here's what to consider when building your outer tunnel VPN.

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