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DoD Agency Mobilizes Communications For Classified Networks

Attila’s GoSilent implemented as a secure, portable, low cost, high-bandwidth VPN for CSfC communications campus-wide.

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Client Profile

An agency within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) responsible for equipping and maintaining fighter jets and their weapons systems.


As part of daily operations and regularly scheduled maintenance, the Agency’s aircraft technicians send and receive real-time communications. These communications contain highly sensitive, classified information critical to the Agency’s work. Today, technicians travel to and from individual classified workstations to complete daily maintenance, collaborate on issues with engineers or simply access technical documentation, specifications, schematics, etc. Keeping maintenance technicians tethered to fixed classified workstations makes communications cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient. This operation required the industry’s best technology for securing a highly mobile workforce.


With GoSilent, technicians maintaining fighter jets can now use tablets to connect wirelessly to both classified and unclassified networks all while staying in the hangars. Technicians can send pictures, videos and file attachments, and also receive schematics and instructions from the engineering team. Email, text messages and chat are all transmitted directly and securely using Jabber, for real-time diagnostic communication. The use of GoSilent resulted in higher productivity and reduced operating costs.

The Agency’s engineering team has also adopted GoSilent, connecting it through the CNSA Suite B encrypted tunnel to send and receive highly classified information over the DoD SIPRNet network. Now, Command supports field engineers by sending software patch fixes, resolving error messages and assisting with other issues requiring real-time resolution.


Easy To Deploy

You don’t need expensive experts to manage long term.


Highly Secure

Top Secret level CNSA/Suite B encryption, NIAP certification, data filter.


Plug And Play

Works instantly with any IP-enabled device.



Fits in the palm of a hand (2.6 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches; 3 ounces).



Highly cost effective when compared to other solutions or device re-configuration.


Centralized Management

Automatically applies enterprise policies to all GoSilent devices.

“The right solution required tight security and the ability to layer in quickly without the need to reconfigure current devices and networks.”

How They Did It

Sending and receiving sensitive information across classified networks requires a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solution. CSfC was established by the NSA to enable U.S. government agencies and contractors to leverage emerging technologies for secure solutions.

Only NIAP/Common Criteria certified products adhering to strict cryptography and secure protocol standards may be deemed CSfC certified and are cleared to secure classified data. GoSilent acts as the retransmission device and outer VPN client.

Before having access to a CSfC-certified solution for mobile communications, the Agency relied on antiquated stationary encryptors. In addition to the high up-front costs of these devices, the age of the units necessitated frequent and costly maintenance, resulting in unscheduled downtime and end user frustration. The ability to shift the workforce to secure mobile devices resulted in both equipment cost savings and improved productivity.

When considering a solution, Attila's GoSilent solidly met the criteria for an out-of-the-box, CSfC-certified and secure solution for mobile communications.

The DoD agency was able to easily extend their CSfC Campus WLAN Capability Package deployment to support the Mobile Access Capability Package (MACP). This was accomplished through the simple addition of a SilentEdge Enterprise Server (virtual machine) as an Outer VPN gateway within the CSfC Infrastructure and GoSilent Clients in remote locations (i.e. aircraft hangars).

“GoSilent increased maintenance and engineering team agility -- while maintaining strict CSfC security standards.”


Government agencies are in desperate need of efficient, secure solutions that can protect sensitive, mission-critical data. As cyber attacks continue to evolve in sophistication, resourcefulness and funding, solutions must layer in quickly, work well behind the scenes and offer the highest level of security.

With GoSilent, the U.S. Defense Agency implemented a flexible CSfC certified solution that improved team agility and performance.