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Welcome To Attila Security

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Welcome to Attila Security.

Our technology has been under development for two years and was originally productized within Silent Circle.

Today, I am pleased to share the  spin-out of the GoSilent Platform to our new company, Attila Security.

In forming Attila, we have retained the core product development team and have also added a few new excellent engineers to fulfill the vision created by our Chief Scientist, Vesh Bhatt.

We are fortunate to be backed by some of the most successful and prominent cybersecurity investors in the United States, including DataTribe, Bull City Venture Partners (BCVP), and TEDCO's Seed Fund.

Our goal is simple: provide the most advanced, easy-to-use, portable security appliance.

Requiring no configuration, GoSilent’s operating system provides quantum-resistant cryptography in a portable package ideal for large and medium enterprises.

Our current customers span multiple markets from financial services, to energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and government.

The future is bright and our clients are requesting more features and functionality, keeping us focused on continually improving the customer experience.

We see new vertical markets opening up and additional opportunities in IoT in terms of securing cameras, industrial control systems and satellite communications.

Please stay tuned to our learning center for new product announcements and the latest news and updates from Attila Security.

GoSilent is quantum resistant click to learn more