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IoT Integrator Summit: Over the Air Firmware Updates for IoT Security

Minute Read
A talk by Justin Schneck
Software Engineering Fellow, Very


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About Justin:

I’m in a constant state of wanting to make the world around me bend to my imagination. At one time I wondered how hard it would be to start my motorcycle from my phone. Rewiring a motorcycle and writing an interface was easy, but connecting it all together proved to be a challenge. A challenge that would define my career. That invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world has become my stomping ground. Hardware is hard, so I’ve been working on nerves to make it easy.

Specialties: Embedded Systems Architect and Engineer.

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About Very:

Very is a technology partner that provides expert product development, software engineering, and design services. We find creative approaches to challenging problems in our physical world and build scalable, smart IoT solutions. By focusing on one project at a time, we help clients reach their product goals.

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