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IoT Integrator Summit: Secure and Cost-Efficient IoT Deployments

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This presentation was originally delivered during the IoT Integrator Summit on Securing Edge Computing, which took place from July 14-16, 2020. You can  view the full event summary and as well as access additional sessions from the IoT Integrator Summit here.

Following is the recording and a session summary of a talk by Dominic Marcellino, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Kajeet.

Watch the session recording to discover innovative and cost-effective methods to secure communications and data transfers in the field. 

  • Cost Control and Secure Deployments: Enabling secure and lower-cost communications to the edge
  • Network-Based Security: Enabling secure endpoint network controls, including rules and policies, to reduce costs. 
  • Security from Device-to-Device: Facilitating secure communication of connected products, including SIM-hijacking prevention, whitelisted destinations and protocols, real-time alerts, and usage reporting.
Watch the video or peruse the notes from the session below.


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Session notes

Kajeet managed mobile solutions

Kajeet activates solutions that meet a real need in the market. For instance, Dominic has worked with a team that developed a communication device that allows housekeepers in large hotels to summon help if they need it. This can occur from anywhere and allow them to get a timely response.

Kajeet was founded on the idea that using the internet could be a safe, fun experience for children. From that foundation, they offered safe connectivity solutions or students. This means Wi-Fi access on buses and at homes and connected laptops. With the COVID-19 disruption to education, new difficulties have presented themselves. Kajeet offers products that meet needs in this current setting as well.

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Sentinel by Kajeet

To become a mobile virtual network operator, Kajeet built Sentinel. This is a data and device management platform. You can set up permissions and filter content. Connected devices with Sentinel limit user experience in a way that protects companies. It keeps data costs low and eliminates threats. Sentinel has a private network connection for all carriers as well as multi-carrier access. It is a single solution for cellular connectivity. 

Kajeet solutions for secure and cost-efficient IoT deployments

Doors don’t lock themselves. This is the reality of IoT. Businesses need secure applications and that consider over the air communication and network security from the outside. When launching or purchasing an IoT solution, security should be a major part of the discussion. The best security isn’t bolted on but needs to be part of the product from day one.

IoT has millions of applications. This means there are all kinds of vulnerabilities, that depend heavily on your application or use case.

Communication doesn’t just happen over ethernet but also over 4G and 5G and low-powered wide area options. In addition to these, LAN conveys data via bluetooth and other options as well. IoT providers need to offer solutions that don’t rely on typically secure connections. This holds up in all sectors: manufacturing, construction, healthcare, energy systems, etc.

It’s ideal to ensure that IoT based communications be careful not touch a company’s highly sensitive IT infrastructure. 

With Kajeet, you can get SIMs and be connected the same day without relying on local resources.

End device security

Number one, devices need to be tracked and monitored. Kajeet solutions enable security and low-cost communications to the edge. There are new chip sets that make this possible. The majority of security questions revolve around how physical devices are secured and how malicious action is monitored and prevented.

Deployed solutions can introduce a threat to an IT network. This happened to Target a few years ago, where hackers accessed their system through HVAC software. Skipping LAN for a direct cellular connection reduces the time to deployment and reduces risk.

This actually has the additional bonus of lowering data costs. Improvement in process and power of edge devices allow algorithms to be executed without going to the cloud first. This fundamentally changes the volume of data that must be communicated. 

Network security

Kajeet solutions leverage private networks for secure endpoint controls. SIM-hijacking and other malicious actions can be mitigated with these platforms. Data rules, permissions and filtering can be implemented on individual devices and on group levels. For internet connected devices, this can be used to further limit specific URLs and enact more stringent security measures.

Understand data usage

Kajeet has resources for real-time data usage and analytics that report insights across deployments and customers. These can be monitored on a centralized dashboard. Alerts can provide real time insight into data usage and see unusual issues before they become a problem.

Protection in the background

With Kajeet tools, you can enact network rules and politics with automated security screening The Sentinel network has multiple layers of security:

  • Firewall
  • NAS 
  • ELAM
  • IDS
  • Realtime and scheduled vulnerability scans


Policy controls and user-controlled features can add additional, specific security measures.

Kajeet offers the most advanced solution for customizing a mobile network to your needs.

Kajeet IoT and enterprise solutions

On the Sentinel IoT platform, clients receive:

  • Data usage processing and analytics
  • Mobile device management
  • Security management and threat protection
  • Application integrations
  • Secure private network
  • Single console for device management


For customers that have their own customers, data can be allocated across sub-accounts. Limited access can be granted to certain customers. With data pooling and shared data across all devices, Kajeet customers can optimize revenue opportunities. They can buy blocks of data from Kajeet and sell it to their own customers.

Cellular IoT data from Kajeet additionally allows:

  • Instant private network
  • Rollover data across all devices
  • Dedicated account manager and setup

Q & A from listeners

Here are some questions submitted by listeners.

How would you ensure protection of PII and PHI type of information also meeting data protection requirements under HIPAA?

There are several elements. The first is whether or not the data is ever accessible to Kajeet. At the end of the day, Kajeet is a data pass through. They ensure secure access to the network. But no one who has access to Sentinel has access to the data. Kajeet knows the data is passing through but doesn’t read or see the data itself.

Kajeet also constantly monitors the flow of business issues. With devices, customers can provide nicknames but not individual names of people. It is a challenge to be sure but one that Kajeet seriously addresses on a customer-specific basis.

There seems to be a gap in security on the B2C side. How will that be addressed?

Generally, B2C products have been insecure. When people start losing money, changes occur. Something as simple as router password changes can impact an individual’s vulnerability. Companies are often so focused on launching and offering products that security is overlooked.

Doing it properly means more time before going to market. But if it isn’t done, eventually something bad will happen. The right thing to do is to think about security from the beginning. In the end, standards can push us in the right direction. In the short and long term, making sure that individual engineers and teams as well as leaders are thinking hard about security.

If you are allowing data to pass through your system, is it fair to state that Kajeet is just a data collector but not a data processor?

The main focus of Kajeet is providing analytics around data usage and attempts by end users to access individual URLs. Their next step is to work with customers who want to use their platform for data content analytics. The internal capacity is there but that shift is still happening.

Do you think certification to ISO 27001 would enhance the credibility of Kajeet in the eyes of customers?

Industries who are following certification guidelines are important. Kajeet thinks about it every day. They are pursuing elements of that process that enable them to sell to the federal government. Either in following standards or being certified is important for the peace of mind of customers.

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About Dominic

Dominic is the Director of Strategy and Business Development for Kajeet. Prior to Kajeet, Dominic worked as a Product Manager for Link Labs. He worked for ten years at the Environmental Defense Fund and Ecologic Institute US (EIUS) solving key policy problems in renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, and climate change. Dominic ran EIUS as Executive Vice President in 2014; while there, he obtained nearly $1m in grant funding for projects, including the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network, which he co-founded. Dominic holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Dayton. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany from 2002-2004 and a Robert Bosch Fellow from 2008-2009.


International Relations, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Energy Policy, Non-profits, Government, Research, Policy, Environmental Awareness, Climate Change

About Kajeet

As IoT connectivity becomes central to business and industrial applications, managing data consumption and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Kajeet’s network- and device-agnostic management platform offers enterprise customers the ability to easily monitor and manage data usage across millions of devices across the globe for improved efficiency.

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