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IoT Integrator Summit: IoT and OT Defense: Similarities & Differences

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A talk by Emily Crose
Sr. Industrial Pentester, Dragos


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About Emily:

I am an excellent employee with over 7 years of experience in information security. I have proven my worth as a desktop support technician and I am now working on proving my worth as a higher tier technician with interest in the network engineering, electronic forensics, and general information assurance areas. My goals include securing a full time position with a government agency in information assurance or working with a corporation in either information assurance or network engineering.

Specialties: I have a knack for working with Linux servers with experience in working with Debian, and Ubuntu server distributions. I hope to get experience in many other flavors of linux as time goes on.
Not only am I experienced with Linux servers, but I have also worked heavily with Windows server 2000, and 2003, as well as Mac OSX server distributions.

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About Dragos:

Dragos, Inc. is an industrial cybersecurity company focused on some of the community's hardest problems. The ecosystem our team has built is specifically tailored for industrial environments such as those found in industrial control system (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Distributed Control System (DCS) environments. Our software platform and services help operators protect infrastructure sites such as power grids, water distribution sites, oil refineries, gas pipelines, manufacturing, and more. The Dragos team exists to safeguard civilization.

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