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IoT Integrator Summit: Edge for Remote Management and Analytics

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This presentation was originally delivered during the IoT Integrator Summit on Securing Edge Computing, which took place from July 14-16, 2020. You can  view the full event summary and as well as access additional sessions from the IoT Integrator Summit here.

Following is the video recording and session summary of the talk by William Noto and Sahil Yadav, of GE Digital.

In this session recording, you will learn more about how Predix Edge can help secure your IoT deployment and provide remote management and analytics capabilities.

Watch the video or peruse the notes from the session below.


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Predix Edge is a highly scalable platform revolutionizing Industrial IoT. Predix Edge simplifies the connection, collection, process/analyzation and secure transmission of data out of Industrial assets/machines/plants/sites so that customers can gather insights much faster for enhanced decision making.

These holistically deployed and integrated capabilities enable predictive maintenance and operations optimization as well as remote fleet management.

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Using Edge in industrial IoT

Edge is a multi-use device that can be customized to fit your needs. Many use it for remote management of equipment, while others use it for fleet management, to control hundreds of machines from one place.

In fact, Edge can support up to 500,000 devices.

GE's Sahil Yadav explores some of the other ways that people use Edge:

  • Intelligent Data Pump: Edge can be used to collect and filter data through asset and OT connectivity. This data can then be forwarded to the cloud.
  • Edge Compute: Once data has been gathered, Edge can apply machine learning analytics and use local applications to create custom packages. 
  • Intelligent Edge Control: Edge is also used for real time operations data analytics and safely sends the input to assets. Intelligent Edge Control is often used for software-based device controls. 

Predix Edge features and capabilities for remote management

Predix Edge is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. With incredible capabilities and features, it simplifies remote industrial management and has the capability to quickly connect to devices and the Cloud through a simple automated setup and secure forwarding. 

This device has over 100 protocols which enable it to communicate with all kinds of machines and equipment.

Predix Edge can detect anomalies and predict maintenance, which cuts costs and reduces downtime. It also is incredibly flexible so that you can use it in the way that you need it. 

Some more features of Predix Edge include:

  • Secure embedded OS that saves time and money.
  • IoT gateway services eliminate the cost of installing gateways.
  • Edge computing platform allows users to skip third party platform integrations and create analytics right away.
  • Predix Edge manager makes it easier to manage equipment and features.
  • Predix app portfolio gives users streamlined marketing opportunities.


Most importantly, Predix Edge focuses on remote work security

Here are some of the ways that Predix Edge protects sensitive collected information and data: 

  • Certificate-based connections
  • Local and Cloud management
  • Remote update capabilities 
  • Data encryption
  • Secure OS
  • Role-based access

Predix Edge deployment for industrial management

There are different options for how customers can deploy Edge. You can deploy Edge through hardware, virtual machine, native agent or a custom solution. All four of these deployments come with a perpetual license, which gives lifetime access. 

There are a variety of operations that Edge devices can complete, including:

  • Data flow configuration
  • Fleet management
  • System management
  • Custom commands
  • Security 


Predix Edge has enabled industrial IoT manufacturers to increase equipment uptime by 97%, reduce unscheduled maintenance by 300% and limit potential cloud traffic by 94%. Predix Edge is a great opportunity for the industrial IoT industry to optimize their remote management and increase remote work security. 

Q & A from listeners

Here are some questions submitted by listeners.

How does Edge Manager help to increase IIoT solution reliability and uptime?

Edge Manager is a part of the toolset that helps to increase uptime. Edge Manager allows you to quickly resolve issues, add patches and perform maintenance. This increases IIoT uptime by preventing unscheduled maintenance. Overall, it helps to maintain the stability of the system that is providing those prognostics.

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About William

I’m in a constant state of wanting to make the world around me bend to my imagination. At one time I wondered how hard it would be to start my motorcycle from my phone. Rewiring a motorcycle and writing an interface was easy, but connecting it all together proved to be a challenge. A challenge that would define my career.

That invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world has become my stomping ground. Hardware is hard, so I’ve been working on nerves to make it easy.

Specialties: Embedded Systems Architect and Engineer.

About Sahil

MBA Product Leader with a passion for driving market strategy and delivering connected tech products that shape our future. Launched products from idea phase to a success in the market - IIoT Edge management platform and Industry’s first Network Automation Platform. Specialize in SaaS, cloud apps, IIoT, Edge compute, remote device, UX and data platform. Analytical, customer empathetic, strong technical acumen and an emotionally intelligent team builder.

About GE Digital:

GE Digital provides software and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) services to industrial companies. We operate across four key industries, including power generation, manufacturing, oil & gas, and electric utilities & telecom. As part of GE, we are helping industry work better. Driven by people, process and proven technology, we are innovating with our customers to make the complex simple - at unparalleled speed and scale.

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