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IoT Integrator Summit: Connected Products Track Speaker AMA

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A talk by Paul Winter, Dominic Marcellino, Brian Romansky and Justin Schneck


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About Paul:

Innovative Top performing technical sales professional with over 30 years of Solutions Sales and Management experience in the wireless, wire line Telecommunications and LMR Industries with both the public and private sectors. Consistent track record as a results oriented professional leader in roles that required Management, Sales, Engineering, Service, Disaster Planning, Response and Recover, as well as strong Relationship Management skills. Extensive experience leading Wireless Sales, Service and Project Management teams. Proven record of success working with multiple Distribution Channels, individuals and groups to drive results. Strong management experience that has resulted in the ability to develop and maintain successful teams that drive results. Consistently updating knowledge base of new products , services and industry trends.


Management, Relationship Management, Account Management, Project Management, Security, Wireless Voice & Data Applications, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response, Public Safety Communications, Consulting, Teaching, Instructing and Public Speaking.

Emergency Management Expertise:

Certified Florida Professional Emergency Manager (FPEM) by the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA). Seven years working directly in the field of Emergency Management with a solid track record of high performance in assigned roles. Extensive training and experience in Emergency Management preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. Awarded both the FEMA Basic & Advanced Professional Development Series.

About Verizon IoT Offerings:

The Internet of Things is about extending the internet beyond smartphones and computers to a whole range of things like smart sensors, appliances, cars & trucks, kiosks, fitness devices and traffic lights.

Today, millions of IoT devices, collecting billions of data records, are enabling faster decision making with greater accuracy.

Verizon’s broad portfolio of solutions is helping businesses around the world enhance customer loyalty, keep tabs on high-value assets and boost efficiency.

About Dominic:

Dominic is the Director of Strategy and Business Development for Kajeet. Prior to Kajeet, Dominic worked as a Product Manager for Link Labs. He worked for ten years at the Environmental Defense Fund and Ecologic Institute US (EIUS) solving key policy problems in renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, and climate change. Dominic ran EIUS as Executive Vice President in 2014; while there, he obtained nearly $1m in grant funding for projects, including the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network, which he co-founded. Dominic holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Dayton. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany from 2002-2004 and a Robert Bosch Fellow from 2008-2009.


International Relations, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Energy Policy, Non-profits, Government, Research, Policy, Environmental Awareness, Climate Change

About Kajeet:

As IoT connectivity becomes central to business and industrial applications, managing data consumption and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Kajeet’s network- and device-agnostic management platform offers enterprise customers the ability to easily monitor and manage data usage across millions of devices across the globe for improved efficiency.

About Brian:

Creating business value through innovation and delivering new products to new market segments are at the core of my professional development. I have a strong emphasis on a user centered approach to identifying business opportunities and new product features. My experience spans deep technical work in information security and image processing, new concept identification and evaluation, and execution of aggressive new business plans to create growth.

Specialties: disruptive innovation, user centered design, business model creation and validation, technology management and product execution.

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About Owl Cyber Defense:

Owl Cyber Defense leads the world in data diode and cross domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial communities, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs, from entry level to enterprise.

About Dominic:

I’m in a constant state of wanting to make the world around me bend to my imagination. At one time I wondered how hard it would be to start my motorcycle from my phone. Rewiring a motorcycle and writing an interface was easy, but connecting it all together proved to be a challenge. A challenge that would define my career. That invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world has become my stomping ground. Hardware is hard, so I’ve been working on nerves to make it easy.

Specialties: Embedded Systems Architect and Engineer.

About Very:

Very is a technology partner that provides expert product development, software engineering, and design services. We find creative approaches to challenging problems in our physical world and build scalable, smart IoT solutions. By focusing on one project at a time, we help clients reach their product goals.

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