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What Makes The GoSilent Product Suite Special

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Since we started Attila Security, a number of people have asked me to explain “What are you’re doing that is so special?”. I smile and enjoy telling them the story. IP-enabled devices are everywhere today, from laptops to video cameras to the industrial controls that manage the power grid, to computing devices and sensors. Our goal was to provide an easy-to-use, portable, yet highly secure appliance that could be used in conjunction with the vast spectrum of IP-enabled devices that exist throughout the world.

The GoSilent product suite is special - it is low-touch, highly secure and combines a number of enterprise security needs in one small portable package and without the need for multiple software security licenses. Unlike other InfoSec vendors such as Cisco and Palo Alto, we don’t require certified engineers to go on-site to configure the product. With GoSilent, users can even safely utilize WiFi. GoSilent connects easily to WiFi hotspots, and our unique technology ensures the captive portal does not spread malware with the user’s IP-enabled device.

GoSilent is versatile and is currently being used in a variety of applications. To date we are securing the supply chain of a government agency, providing additional security in the fusion centers of some major financial institutions and keeping employees safe while traveling or stationed abroad. Soon, GoSilent will be used on military aircraft securing the satellite downlink and in fly-away kits securing mobile two-way communications. The GoSilent client can even be placed in-line with a Polycom or other IP networked phones to secure voice communications and video streams from cameras. Contact us to learn how GoSilent can meet your enterprise’s specific security needs.