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Attila Security Announces 19.02.1 Software Upgrade for GoSilent

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Portable IP security pioneer further strengthens encryption adding certificate management and log shipping features


Fulton, MD--Attila Security, pioneer of portable IP security, today announced the general availability of GoSilent 19.02.1. This latest software release supports IPSec connections using the Internet Key Exchange Version Two (IKEv2) protocol and adds enhancements for greater flexibility and ease of use. Key advancements announced today include:

  • Support for IPSec connections using the IKEv2 protocol with certificates
  • Ability to transfer GoSilent device logs to an event management repository (SIEM) over UDP or TCP
  • Configuration for up to 3 NTP servers and 2 DNS servers
  • Centrally controlled system settings for device management
  • Verification of login attempts and ability to lockout upon failure
  • Session inactivity monitoring and automated logout
  • Support for Microsoft Edge browser
  • LAN Ethernet configuration changes including setting static IP, subnet mask and DHCP
  • Ability to connect to hidden WiFi networks
  • Option to display and customize login banner
  • Ability to modify WAN Ethernet settings offline (without an Internet connection)
  • Certificate management capabilities, including replacement of the web console certificate
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) updates resume download after an interrupted or lost Internet connection

GoSilent 19.02.1 is now available for download and can be retrieved via OTA update on the GoSilent Web Console. These changes will not affect GoSilent valued customers in any way, and there will be no impact to existing GoSilent customer accounts.

Attila Security’s award-winning GoSilent technology protects government and enterprises from advanced cyber attacks, zero-day threats and personal identity theft. Designed for the cloud where traditional network perimeters have disappeared, GoSilent helps global enterprises protect their most valuable asset - data - wherever it resides. Read more about Attila’s products or visit our blog to get the latest news and updates.