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Attila Security Is Mentioned In I95 Business

Minute Read

Attila Security’s lead investor, DataTribe, was recently profiled in I95 Business. The article discussed the success of DataTribe’s “start-up studio” model which makes it a bit different from a traditional incubator, mentor firm or accelerator. In addition to funding and advice, each company in the DataTribe portfolio receives office space at the company’s Fulton, MD campus and ready access to DataTribe staff for everything from business services to product development.


The article also profiled the four companies that are part of the DataTribe’s current portfolio, including Attila Security. Gregg Smith, CEO of Attila Security and industry veteran, was already well acquainted with DataTribe’s co-founders, Mike Janke and Bob Ackerman, when he started Attila. In fact, Smith had previously served on DataTribe’s advisory board.


DataTibe has helped stimulate the local economy by creating over 200 well-paying jobs over the past two years. Janke recently took part in a press conference, along with the governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore, to announce the creation of “Cyber Town USA”. Janke said, “We are located in the midst of the country’s deepest and largest reservoir of cybersecurity engineering talent, including some of the fastest growing commercial cyber firms in the world.” Smith agrees with Janke’s assessment, stating that despite plans for dramatic growth, he intends to keep Attila Security in Maryland in order to take advantage of the excellent pool of available cyber talent.

Red the full article from I95 Business here.