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Technology Innovation Themes From CES 2018

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Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the annual CES Conference and Tradeshow was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January and featured the latest, next-generation breakthroughs of both business and consumer technologies.

The buzz around home assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod brought related technologies with a large presence of devices like Google Home. Other home-centric devices took center stage too with products like new 8K televisions, smarter kitchen appliances and solar-powered smart watches. Innovations ranged from ultra-thin and lightweight new laptops to advanced personal health and fitness devices. In addition, startup companies that are building technology related to blockchain and Bitcoin were featured.

During the conference, Joshua Konowe, Attila Security’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, emphasized that the growing use of smart home devices such as Google Home will likely lead to an increase in data security threats. Joshua indicated that explosion of virtual assistant devices that accept voice commands will come with new, and possibly unanticipated threats, to that data. Read more about insights from local Baltimore exhibitors and attendees in this recent article in

Among the products nominated for awards, Attila Security’s GoSilent mobile firewall and VPN competed as a finalist in The Last Gadget Standing competition. During the competition, Joshua reminded the audience that data security is a growing issue, as evidenced by the four-fold increase in the number of data records compromised in the first half of 2017 vs. 2016. He maintained that that addressing data in motion and data at rest separately is no longer an effective security solution. Watch Joshua’s full presentation from the 2018 Last Gadget Standing competition here.