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01 05, 2020

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Cybersecurity: Telecommuting and Remote Work Security FAQs

    By | | Categories: Enterprise, Government, byod, Security, CMMC, remote work, captive portal, vdi

    Our country finds itself in a completely unprecedented situation as we struggle to figure out how to best respond to the spread of COVID-19. [...]

    04 03, 2020

      How to have employees work from home securely during the Coronavirus outbreak

      By | | Categories: Enterprise, Government, Blog, Security, mobile security

      The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has many organizations sending employees to work from home to ensure their safety and the health of their employee population. As the virus continues to spread, organizations across the world will likely see continued. [...]

      15 02, 2019

        The Dangers Of Foreign Made VPNs

        By | | Categories: Information Security, Government

        On the heels of the recent Huawei scandal, lawmakers and cybersecurity experts alike are increasingly alarmed regarding the dangers of foreign virtual private networks (VPNs) . On February 7, 2019, Senators Marco Rubio and Ron Wyden penned a letter. [...]

        03 12, 2018

          Is The Supply Chain The New Cyber Abyss?

          By | | Categories: Information Security, Military, Enterprise, Government, Supply Chain

          We all know that Target lost its CEO along with $164M dollars when a small HVAC contractor that was part of the supply chain was breached, allowing hackers into Target’s network. However, you may not be aware that banks spent over $200M reissuing. [...]

          24 09, 2018

            What Makes The GoSilent Product Suite Special

            By | | Categories: Information Security, Military, Enterprise, Government, News

            Since we started Attila Security, a number of people have asked me to explain “What are you’re doing that is so special?”. I smile and enjoy telling them the story. IP-enabled devices are everywhere today, from laptops to video cameras to the. [...]

            10 09, 2018

              Welcome To Attila Security

              By | | Categories: Information Security, News

              Welcome to Attila Security. Our technology has been under development for two years and was originally productized within Silent Circle. Today, I am pleased to share the  spin-out of the GoSilent Product Suite to our new company, Attila Security. We. [...]

              01 06, 2018

                An Open Message To CISOs: What Is Your Most Sensitive Call Or Meeting?

                By | | Categories: Information Security, Enterprise, Privacy

                Can you identify your most sensitive call or meeting? It is when your board convenes. Mergers and acquisitions, financial results, product roadmaps, pricing discussions and most key strategic initiatives are discussed either in person or on the. [...]

                31 08, 2017

                  Real Talk: Protecting Personal and Company IP from Cybercriminals

                  By | | Categories: Privacy

                  by Gregg Smith [...]


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