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Attila Security’s Gregg Smith Is A Panelist At The 2018 CyberMaryland Conference

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Attila Security was highlighted in a recent article in the Baltimore Business Journal. The article discusses the growth of “smart cities” - in which various technologies are employed to improve the efficiency of resources and functionality of day-to-day activities - throughout the United States.

Attila Security CEO, Gregg Smith was among the cybersecurity and smart technology panelists at the 2018 CyberMaryland Conference. The panel discussed the opportunities presented by smart cities, and also offered cautionary advice regarding the potential dangers that Baltimore must consider as it continues to grow in terms of smart technology.

Smith discussed the proliferation of IoT devices and how it’s likely that most people unaware of just how many Internet-connected devices they use or come across on a daily basis. "Before you can solve a problem, you have to figure out what the problem is and how big it is," Smith said. "I don't think most people have any idea how many [Internet Protocol]-enabled devices they have in their businesses or in their homes."

Smith suggested that Maryland is uniquely positioned to become a leader in the development and production of cyber-secure smart cities - a model that could then be replicated in other areas. In order to make this idea economically viable, Smith suggested a partnership between the State of Maryland and local cybersecurity companies. Smith said "I think my peers and I would be more than happy to give the state or cities our technology for free, in exchange for testimonials or references."

This type of partnership would establish Maryland as a example to pave the way for other cyber-secure smart cities, while also providing valuable exposure and validation for the technology produced by the local cybersecurity startup community.

Read the full article in the Baltimore Business Journal here.